What is the role of writing in academia and how is writing changing in response to the blurring lines between academic, professional and personal needs? How does writing stay relevant and how does academic writing engage with other genres?
The conference explores the blending and reshaping of our discourse communities and the influence on writing processes, instruction and assessment.

The following general areas of interest will be addressed, as will any others related to the conference theme:

  • Technology: digital writing, social media, apps, platforms – The role of technology in writing today
  • Pedagogies, practices, and assessment – Innovative teaching and evaluation
  • EMI (English Medium Instruction) – Writing in EMI programs
  • Across genres and communities – Academic and non-academic writing, communication with various audiences, genre shift
  • Multi-modality – Incorporating images, video, and audio in writing
  • Marketing one’s research – Channels for publicizing, promoting and distributing
  • Writing analytics – Methodologies for studying writing processes
  • Narrative and personalization in academic writing – Blending voices
  • Writing centers – Customized writing support

Conference cost

Cost for presenter   – 40$
The conference is open to the public, with prior registration, free of charge

For contacting conference office: